Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy VFX Breakdown. Amazing look at how we’re faking real.

23 January 2012 ·

On the train and it’s chucking it down with rain. Must be on the way back to Bristol.

31 December 2011 ·

To move into one if the houses I’ve been looking at, it’s a prerequisite to ‘know London’s underground electronic scene’ #notonyournelly

30 December 2011 ·

Chrimbo times!!!!

25 December 2011 ·

RT @themanwhofell: Some sad Christmas news. http://t.co/U9838Ip2

23 December 2011 ·

New York, LA and San Francisco - all for the bargain price of £700?? I can feel a holiday coming on…

21 December 2011 ·


More agency fun. Chalk board stop motion.

21 December 2011 ·

And what the blazes is Happy Hug Day trending for? Hippies.

15 December 2011 ·

Booking flights to the Dam: WHOOP! Being charged £8 for the privilege of using my DEBIT card? Outrageous. Cheers, Sleazy Jet. @easyjet

8 December 2011 ·

Can someone please explain to me the benefits of developing in Drupal? So far, I can see nothing but headaches…

5 December 2011 ·

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